Images are by far the most powerful element of your ad design. A good photo can show-off a venue, evoke emotion, explain a concept, conjure a feeling and enhance a bride's overall impression about your venue, service or product.

Bad images aren't just a waste of advertising space--they can actually turn a bride off, costing you a potential sale.


  • Easy to visually interpret, not excessively detailed
  • High contrast and high quality (crisp + colorful)
  • Cropped rather than overly reduced (avoid using a super busy image for a small space in your ad) 
  • Notably related to the content of your ad (if you're a venue, it doesn't make sense to show a table setting)
  • CURRENT--an old and dated image will make your venue or service look dated by association. Stay current
  • Smiling and approachable faces
  • We've gotta say it...if showing people, it helps if they're attractive
  • Appetizing food 
  • For venues--great exterior, lobby, ballroom and guestroom shots


  • Low contrast and low quality
  • Too busy for the space
  • Images not related to your venue, product or service
  • Boring photos
  • Generic or obviously stock art (Quality stock images can be an asset. We're happy to help you find awesome options)

Today's Bride is a wedding magazine. The fact that you're in it implies you do weddings. You DO NOT need to have brides, grooms and wedding set-ups in every photo, or any for that matter. Choose images that sell your venue, your product or your service.

If you need a second opinion on what images fit the bill, don't hesitate to ask for feedback!

Recommended Image sizes
How to Check the Size of an Image  (without Photoshop)