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Michelle Walker Photography

East Bay Wedding Photographer

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Michelle Walker Photography

East Bay Wedding Photographer

Napa, California
United States


I have the best job in the world (well, gourmet food critic and Terry Gross might beat it - but just barely). Growing up in the Bay Area, it was just me, my 2 sisters and my dad. He was a an amateur photographer and we were his favorite subjects. Photography was his way of saying that our family (our story) is important. It matters. It's worth documenting. A family's story is powerful stuff.

So powerful in fact, that though I've been photographing weddings since 1999 I still cry at every single one. I just can't help myself - my husband and I have been happily married for a 15+ years, and when you and your soon-to-be spouse see each other for the first time, it brings me right back to my own wedding.

The unique story that everyone has is why I completely fall in love with every couple I work with. It's just my personality... I go all in.

And since I'm invested in who you really are, I don't need to force anything while I'm photographing you...I can sense, anticipate, and document all those little moments that make up your day. That effortlessness seems to be why people like working with me. It's's laid back. I don't stop the action. I just step back and let you do your thing and capture it beautifully. The best compliment I can receive is, “I didn’t even know you were there!”

At the end of your day you will have photographs that make you feel. Photographs that have meaning and soul. Photographs that will show your future grandkids just how much Grandma and Grandpa love each other, and how their story got started. These are photos that you will cherish for the rest of your life.