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The business is really named after the creator. Jen decorated her first cake for her older sister’s birthday in 1994. Later she went to the California Culinary Academy (CCA) with the intention of becoming a caterer. The smelly nature of cooking turned her attention to a more pleasant aroma, desserts. Since her graduation from CCA, Jen has concentrated on cakes and tasty treats. She began by doing birthday cakes for Applebee’s in Gilroy, then went to work for a Bay Area bakery that concentrated on wedding and other special occasion cakes. After the ownership at the bakery changed, she went on her own doing cakes for friends and family.


All custom cakes and large orders are done to order. This just means it’s best to plan your dessert in advance. Wedding cakes can be booked anywhere from 18 months to days before the date as long as the reception location is nailed down and we are available. Cupcake and special occasion cake orders should be booked 7 days in advance. We also enjoy making mini desserts and you can place your order for these tiny creations as close as 10 days in advance.